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Tremiti Islands
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Sea Laboratory

What is the Sea Laboratory

The Sea Laboratory is a stable organization within the Marlin Tremiti facility that promotes studies and scientific research 365 days a year. A multidisciplinary work group was formed for its implementation, consisting of:

– Marlin Tremiti scuba divers,

– Researchers and Marine Biologists of the various Italian Universities

An integral and fundamental part of achieving the objectives of the research will be all those “Recreational” divers who will participate and / or use the services of the Marlin Tremiti. They will be able to participate in research and projects without any obligation, subject to specific preparation that will be provided by the Marlin Tremiti managers free of charge. It should be emphasized that the projects favor the research of the marine and coastal environment of the Tremiti Islands.

The structure of the Laboratory

The Sea Laboratory is divided into research sections: one dedicated to Marine Biology and the other to Underwater Archeology and Exploration.

Beyond the research objectives

The Laboratory is a great educational opportunity for all those who love the sea and / or practice sports related to them. In fact, Marine Biologists, Researchers and those responsible for the Marlin Tremiti, will be available for free for any internships, meetings and courses on the marine environment and diving technique, bringing the participants closer to the world of those who work for it. The educational process will certainly lead to a greater environmental awareness and protection but also a greater awareness of diving techniques.

The Marlin Tremiti believes that the union of scientific researchers and recreational divers can now be a great opportunity for scientific and cultural development that cannot be underestimated, if not ignored.