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Tremiti Islands
Area Marina Protetta Isole Tremiti

Protected Sea Area

Marine Biology

The Apulian archipelago allows you to dive into a parallel world, where you can swim among the colorful fish in crystal clear water, observe the black coral and admire the history of this territory.

Terrestrial Environment

The Tremiti Islands are dotted with a rich fauna, in particular birdlife characterized by the singing of the Diomedee and the spectacular acrobatics of the Royal Seagull. The terrestrial flora is characterized by the Mediterranean vegetation, unique are the capers for their medicinal properties, but also the beautiful colors of Fiordaliso and Stellina di Stalio.

Info & News

The story of the archipelago's history, composed of three major islands, San Domino, San Nicola and Caprara, a central islet the Cretaccio, and Pianosa, the island that does not exist. All the most important information on the Protected Marine Air, from the general ones to the institutional ones, from the Harbor Master's Office to the Municipality of the islands.

Rules of the AMP

The rules to be respected to protect the Apulian marine and terrestrial paradise, the permitted and prohibited activities in the different areas of the Marine Protected Area, but also where it is allowed to moor, in order to protect the seabed. The waste guide is especially important, with an emphasis on #usaegettanograzie.


Discovering marine colors, breathing underwater and admiring life beneath the world we know means experiencing a dream that will transport you out of reality and that will always belong to you. All this is possible thanks to the Diving of the Tremiti Islands.


In order to protect the natural and marine beauties of the Tremiti Islands it is essential to know all the contacts for environmental emergencies. Important institutional contacts are also useful for daily needs.